ASP is a young, fast-developing company in the intermediary services sector for customers and suppliers of FMCG in different segments.  We are providing  buyers with pro-services (quality products with customer service) and help sellers to establish partnership with guaranteed, reliable customers. Our service starts with catalogue proposal and prolongs at all steps of collaboration between  Buyer and  Seller. Our partners are safe, certified factories with high – leveled production in China, Korea, Turkey, Russia, Italy. We propose our services to  small, medium and big – sized business companies.

         Our vision is to become the leading global agency in the intermediary services for B2B sector. Our goal is to create unique, multi-functional online-service platform,  that connects Buyers and Sellers all over the world and makes the process of communication and collaboration more comfortable, fast, transparent , mutually profitable and effective. Create, sell your  products and make your profit by connecting with us. We open the way to consumers for new interesting and high quality products.


        Our mission is to extend opportunities for suppliers’ goods distribution on new markets and for buyers to increase goods assortment that meets demands of their end-consumers. We optimize the process of communication between businesses, making it more resultative and giving the opportunities for consumers to buy good quality and safe products at affordable prices.

Our Values


We believe that it’s impossible to create good, profitable business without customer satisfaction and individual approach. Every individual is a consumer, every consumer is individual. Your satisfaction is our goal. We offer our customers the best marketing and business decisions to develop your business and making your goods closer to the end user. Your opinion is important for us and we are open for new ideas, proposals and your remarks as well. Fast and friendly customer service is our highest priority.


We commit to all of our customers to keep high standards of our services, to give full support at every stage of collaboration, to not break moral and ethical principles. All our actions, deals and communication are transparent and understandable for all of our customers. Reliable attitude of our customers is the base of our business.


We help to blur out the borders for your business and extend your opportunities. We are ready to connect you in easy, comfortable way wherever you are. We are committed to create the business community for Buyers and Sellers, that will unite the businesses of both sides in one integrated process.


Thinking outside of the box in standard situations. Even in standard situation we find an original and better solution for your business. We help businesses to build products with individual creative design and make your company remarkable and outstanding on the market.


Our goal is to become the leading high-professional agency in intermediary services with big range of services and instruments for businesses.