The main principle of our company activity is based on the multi-agent approach to the collaboration process between sellers and buyers. It means that on every stage of communication process our agency provides buyers and sellers with all necessary information and instruments required for the qualified and resultative partnership. The structure of our work is represented as modules “AGENT FUNCTIONS”:


To get request from buyer about the desired product, product pack, design, delivery terms, payment terms, price, etc.

To process the info from the buyer to seller and to negotiate on all the details of the order; to track the documentation process between buyer and seller (contract, Proforma-Invoice, Invoice, Packing List, designs layouts, certification, etc.); to coordinate logistic and customs operations of orders till goods acceptance at the buyer warehouse.

To confirm orders for required products, prices, delivery terms, payment terms, product quantities, product pack, product design and delivery dates.

Sellers’ deliveries evaluation, evaluation of the product sales at the buyer’s market; to receive sales forecast from buyer, to compose approximate purchase volume forecast for seller, purchase volumes forecast approval between the buyer and the seller. To build up the action or promo activities’ plan so that to increase product sales and brand visibility on the market; current market analysis; to build the strategy of goods development on new markets. To research for potential suppliers and products for buyers & for potential buyers for sellers basing on the list from the “data analysis -agent”.

To evaluate system efficiency, to improve the process of communication between every participant at every stage, to analyze the markets trends, to forecast products demands on different markets, to propose products development strategies to the” agent-supervisor”, to create the list of the potential buyers to sellers and products to buyers outside of the registered system.

“In the base of our structure is a customer-focused approach. Businesses interaction is built so that, every chain of the process is oriented on the end customer satisfaction. “